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Catholic Student Center

  • ClientThe Catholic Student Center at Washington University
  • ServicesWebsite Design, Marketing, Branding
  • Launch project

The Catholic Student Center is a Catholic non-profit located on Washington University campus that provides collegiate outreach. We rebranded them, built a new website, provided brochures, business cards, and will assist in future fundraising appeals.

This organization was difficult to work with, primarily because they have limited resources and a busy schedule of activites. They also had too many people voicing an opinion on the work we presented. This made it difficult to arrive at a final decision and slowed down the creative process. It’s good to involve a strong group of people when rebranding, but when too many individuals are involved, it ends up hurting you. Because the rebrand took extra time, it pushed back the website completion which led us into a time crunch to complete by the initial deadline we had set. I learned the importance of following a timeline and being intentional with the steps in building a new website. Because of the time crunch, we produced a product that wasn’t finalized, but good enough to release. We then received further feedback after the release and ended up making some big changes and major additions. We also had issues with attacks on the website and had to bring in a second agency to get a second opinion. I learned to ask for help and work with others to find the right solution in this experience.