Skye Team

Skye Team was one of my first logo redesigns. The changes were subtle, but made the brand much stronger. The swoosh was modified slightly to show more action, the name was changed from ‘Skye Associates’ to ‘Skye Team’, the ‘s’ in the icon was modified to look more professional, and finally the purple was changed to a more vibrant and eye catching shade of purple.

I was also asked to create print material. Morag, the founder of Skye Team, wrote a book called Cultivate: The Power of Winning Relationships, which goes hand in hand with what they do at Skye Team. I designed some interesting pieces for the marketing of this book as well as supplementing her workshops.

In this project, I honed my skill set with Illustrator, I learned how to vectorize, how to format images for large banners, how to present drafts to clients, and color development.